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Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Science the ONLY Way to Find Out Knowledge About the Universe Around Us?

Yup at least one evotard is claiming that "science is the only way to find out knowledge about the universe around us."

To me that means every person is a scientist conducting science. But that is ridiculous.

Observation alone can lead to knowledge. Yes observation is part of science, but again almost all people can observe yet not everyone is a scientist conducting science.

Experiences can also lead to knowledge. Yeah I can hear it now- "experiences are part and parcel of our everyday experimentaion involving observations." Tard.

Detectives use non-scientific methodology to find a suspect of a crime. Sure science is involved in forensics but not every crime has forensic evidence.

So yeah if you want to define "science" so broadly as to encompass everything we do then the evotard would have a point. But it also means we are all scientists and need to be given honorary PhDs.


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