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Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Does Intelligent Design Say About Life on Other Planets (ET)?

There is only one Pro-Intelligent Design book, that I am aware of, that even brings up the issue of living organisms on other planets. That book is "The Privileged Planet", which makes a case for our planet, that is a planet capable of sustaining metazoans, including those capable of technology, being a rarity due to the number of factors that have to be in one place at the same time. That is we ARE special, in some sense anyway.

What the never say nor imply is that we are unique.

Chapter 16 offers a “Skeptical Rejoinder” answering 14 objections. Number 14 is:

14) You haven’t shown that ETs don’t exist.

“This is true, but we did not intend to. In fact, ironically, design might even improve the possibility of ETs.”

Well, yeah...

To me, only religious dogma sez anything about us being the only inhabitants of this here universe. And obviously it ain't Hinduism (nor Scientology for that matter LoL). God created us and that was it? Bullshit- so it ain't religion holding you back.

The case has been made that even the Bible references UFOs. Many cultures make references to ancient astronauts.

The point being is that I am surprised anyone doubts there are living organisms on another planets. And in a design scenario I would expect there to be, especially technologically advanced forms.

The Privileged Planet- 5/12/2006


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