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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Different Types of Evolution?

Yes, there are different types of evolution and that is because "evolution" has several meanings.

For example the current theory of evolution posits that the change arises via accumulations of random mutations. (note to evotards- natural selection is just ONE way mutations accumulate)

OTOH there is Intelligent Design Evolution which posits the changes are not random, rather they were directed just as a genetic/ evolutionary algorithm is directed, ie to reach a specified goal/ target.

Also there is Front-loaded Evolution as put forth by Mike Gene in his book "The Design Matrix", which posits that the first organisms were front-loaded such that the front-loading influenced the subsequent evolution- future designs via the present design.

As I said before "evolution" is one thing and the "theory of evolution" posits how it occurs and that is yet another reason why there can be more than one theory of evolution and by extension, more than one type of evolution.


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