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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Challenge

For all the whining, bitching and moaning from the anti-ID mob you would figure that they have a solid case for their position.

Stephen Hawking says this is an accident, ie the result of multiple accidents over eons of time. As an "explanation" for the laws that govern this universe Hawking, in "A Briefer History of Time", says "They just are (the way they are)". That's it.

For the formation of our solar system it is that it emerged from the complex interactions of a collapsing molecular cloud.

For living organisms it is that they emerged from an interaction of energy and matter. Get some molecules, add some energy and get more complex molecules, molecules that are also seen in living organisms. Add more energy and molecules until a self-sustained replication with variation takes place, add eons of time and you will get a living organism.

From there more accumulations of variations gives you the diversity observed.

Is that about right or have I missed something?

The challenge is to correct me if I am wrong and provide the references. And also provide the scientific data that supports your position.

A note to all atheists hoping to get adopted by a Christian family- this is what they are going to ask of you.

The problem for you is if you don't respond they win and if you do respond, they win because your response will just be the sillyness of "They just are (the way they are)".


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