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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kevin R. McCarthy, Still Spewing and Proud of His Ignorance

In his latest ignorance-laiden spewage Kevin R. McCarthy of Round Rock, Texas tries to take on the YEC global Flood.

Immediatly it becomes obvious that Kevin is ignorant of genetics. I say that as it appears Kevin has never heard of genetic recombination.

Genetic recombination during meiosis can produce different alleles. For example a human child inherits 1 allele from his/ her dad and 1 from mom. But with genetic recombination the inherited alleles can be different from the parents- both parents. That means if you have two parents and one child you can have 6 different variations of the same allele.

So with Noah's Ark there were 8 people and that would mean up to 16 different alleles for every gene.

But anyway it is clearly obvious that kevin does not understand genetics, does not understand YEC and does not understand front-loading.

IOW Kevin really thinks his ignorance refutes something.

How do we get many alleles from a few? Genetic recombination- especially in a design scenario in which the genetic algorithm would make it so.

Will Kevin the evotard undersatnd that? Not a chance.


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