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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Faizal Ali- Dumbass

The anti-ID losers are such life rejects. And they don't care if they prove it every day. Case in point the strawman of the day:
Get some of the frozen E. coli from Richard Lenski’s LTEE.
Calculate the Complex Specified Information in the genomes of each generation.
Plot this over time and see whether CSI increases as a result of unguided evolutionary processes.
Seems so simple, but I’m pretty sure no ID Researcher has done this. Why not?
1- You are starting with the very CSI that needs to be explained in the first place.
2- And it isn't an increase of CSI. It is about producing CSI
3- How to determine if the evolutionary processes are unguided. ID is OK with organisms evolving by design.

But if you want simple, take a look at Lenski's LTEE. It shows us just how impotent evolutionary processes are with respect to producing CSI or IC. No new proteins have been produced.

Why haven't any evolutionary biologists taken non-flagellated E. coli, inserted the genes for a bacterial flagellum and see if one arises? What have evos ever done to support their nonsensical claims?

Saturday, March 14, 2020

How NOT to Debate a Topic, by Jerad the Coward

When debating someone it is never a good idea to try to use that which is being debated to try to win the debate. It is really the most stupid thing you could try. And in a formal debate you would be laughed off of the stage.

So why does UK Jerad think it's a good idea to use what is being debated to try to settle the debate? Cuz he says that I am the only one disputing it! Never mind that is total bullshit. But even if true it does NOT matter. You have to be a cowardly loser and retard to do what Jerad does and yet he thinks it makes me look foolish.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Total Loser Falsely Declares Victory

Too funny. Over on Uncommon Descent there is a thread about infinity. So dumbass UK Jerad posts something taunting me. The guy is a pussy so that very thought makes me laugh.
Oh dear, a discussion of infinity. Are you going to participate?
Really? The moron who doesn't understand infinity is calling me out?

Then the asshole rehashes the same shit he has been spewing on my blog. The same shit that proves he doesn't understand infinity.  And after that just declares victory. All the while refusing to address what I am saying.

Double dumbass.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Earth to Patrick Trischitta- dumbass

I know your address too, loser. I have also spoken to your local police department. You do NOT get to spew lies and bullshit on the internet and not be responded to and easily refuted.

I told your police department that. I told them that I will gladly go to Court and prove that you are a liar and clueless loser.

Guess what? I haven't heard back from them. I am not afraid of the law, Patrick. I know that I have it on my side.

So get stuffed you coward.

Timothy Horton is a Liar and an Ass

Evos are such a bunch of cowardly liars and sociopaths. Timmy Horton is on the top of the list of evo liars and cowards. Timmy spews:
All we ask is they acknowledge the evidence shown them and be honest enough to admit when they can’t explain it. 
LoL! No one has ever presented any evidence supporting blind watchmaker evolution. It has never happened. Peer-review just points to "evolution". ID is not anti-evolution, so that doesn't help you.

Timmy Horton has NEVER presented any evidence that supports  evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. The peer-reviewed paper "Waiting for TWO Mutations" says that most of what is in peer-review is pout of the reach of blind and mindless processes.

What IDists says is:
All we ask is they acknowledge the evidence shown them and be honest enough to admit when they can’t explain it. 
Timmy the pathological liar and cowardly hypocrite will never do that. Timmy is a special kind of lying sociopath.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Peaceful Science- A Classic Case of Evolutionary Equivocation and Cluelessness

The things evolutionists accept as science is mind boggling. The things evolutionists remain willfully ignorant of is entertaining. Enter Dr. Behe and the irreducible complexity of any bacterial flagellum. With that in mind, I give you:

Please List Attempts to Explain Flagellum 

The first comment is from a known cowardly equivocator. The paper referenced is Stepwise formation of the bacterial flagellar system. Guess what they do NOT discuss? All this paper did was show  an ancient core set of 24 structural genes that were present in the common ancestor to all Bacteria, exists. They never get to how any flagellum is assembled. 

Next up is Nick Matzke's Evolution in (Brownian) space: a model for the origin of the bacterial flagellum. It wasn't even published in a peer-review bio journal. And reading it, you understand why. Imagination is not evidence and it isn't science. Homology is again just proclaimed. And how the flagellum is assembled. Not only that he relies on another IC structure- Type III secretion systems- to be readily handy. He has no idea if unguided/ blind watchmaker evolution can produce one. He has no idea how that would even come about.

These guys could take every gene needed, place them into bacteria that don't have the structures in question and see what happens. Why haven't they done that?

Are they really so gullible that they think flagella are self-assembling?

Not ONE of the papers referenced refers to blind and mindless processes. So using the criteria of Judge Jones, they FAIL to support evolution by means of blind and mindless processes.

They all discuss gene duplications. And given "waiting for TWO mutations" there isn't enough time in the universe for the number of specific duplications required. Never mind getting those duplicates under the control of a binding site.

But again, that is all moot because you need to get the proteins properly regulated, to the right location and them configure them properly. And on top of it all the new appendage needs to be controlled.

It's clear that evolutionists are cowardly equivocators and liars.

Joshua Swamidass is Full of Shit

Joshua has become willfully ignorant. In a new post, Why methodological naturalism , Joshua spews:
Rather, science is limited effort to explain the world on its own terms, without invoking God, His action, or intelligent design.
Total BULLSHIT! Science is limited by REALITY, only. And science requires that the claims being made have the ability to be tested and potentially fgalsified.

If the REALITY is God did it, then science is OK with it. Science does not care if God did it. Science is OK with God doing it. Science used to be seen as a way to understand God's Creation!

The ONLY thing "methodological naturalism" is good for is @ drunk checkpoints. Have them try to say it and then bust them when they can't.

Science only cares about the reality behind whatever is being investigated. Science cannot start out with a basic conclusion, ie nature did it.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Evos are Still Choking on Bacterial Flagella

Evos do not have any science nor evidence that blind and mindless processes, such as natural selection, drift or anything else, to account for any bacterial flagella. Nick Matzke wrote a science-free puff piece some years ago but it was all pure imagination and speculation. He co-authored another paper that showed there were alleged homologous genes in other bacteria. It's as if he thinks that bacteria can go shopping for the genes it needs to produce a flagellum.

The problems with blind and mindless processes producing any bacterial flagellum are many. First, you need the genes and their respective binding cites. Then you need those genes to be expressed at the right time and in the proper quantities. Then you need to get all of the proteins in the right place at the right time. Then you have to get them properly configured. That last part is impossible without chaperones to ferry proteins so they don't interact with the wrong partners.

And then on top of all of that, you need to be able to command and control it. Otherwise it is useless to you.

Evos are such science-free losers that they don't even know how to test the claim that blind and mindless processes did it. They think it is up to us to prove that it couldn't have happened.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Patrick Trischitta is an Ignorant Bitch!

I really hope this asshole tries to sue me. Patrick's ignorant spewage:
This country is based on a Constitution that guarantees freedom FROM Religion.

LoL! You DUMBASS. The Constitution is about Freedom OF Religion, and NOT freedom from religion. The dumbass goes on to say:
No religious body or ideology gets to tell their fairy tales to our children in science class.  
And yet that is EXACTLY what is happening!
Federal Court has deems ID to be creationism. ID is not science, it is religion.
Actually ONE judge made that ignorant determination. The judge who doesn't know anything about science.

Patrick Trischitta is an ignorant bitch. And apparently very proud of it.