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Saturday, July 26, 2014

What is Materialism?

Materialism is simply the claim that all we observe- the universe and everything in it- can be explained/ accounted for by matter, energy and what emerges from differing interactions of matter and energy.

Materialists are people who adhere to that doctrine.

However information is neither matter nor energy so materialists claim it emerges from the aforementioned interactions.

Of course all of that is, to date, untestable and therefor beyond the realm of science.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Chemo and Photosynthesis

Chemosynthesis and photosynthesis are two biological processes that evolutionism still cannot account for. I am still unsure why Kevin McCarthy wrote a piece about them as he sure as hell doesn't know how those processes originated.

Kevin McCarthy (D-Texas) is still an Ignorant Asshole

Kevin has attempted to respond to my comment about a book he contributed to but he struck out, again, as usual.

Materialism makes extraordinary claims- yes it does as materialism sez our existence is due to nothing but innumerable improbable coincidences, ie sheer dumb luck. And even Richard Dawkins admits science can only allow for so much luck and materialism relies on it.

The Earth? Nothing but cosmic collisions-> just-so cosmic collisions, ie innumerable improbable coincidences. That is an extraordinary claim. How can that be tested? Humans? Just a collection of genetic accidents- unfortunately no one knows what makes a human a human so no one knows if any purely materialistic process can produce a human. Heck no one knows if any purely materialistic produce can produce a living organism from non-living matter and energy. Another extraordinary claim without any evidence.

So yes, materialist and materialism are pejorative and only an imbecile would think otherwise. Enter Kevin McCarthy and skeptic ink.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

RichTARD Hughes and His War on Logic, Reason and Science

Clueless TARD Richie Hughes has a new nonsensical post in which he sez:

At its (theistic) core, ID and creationism is angry with materialism / philosophical naturalism. 

ID doesn't have a theistic core and it isn't angry with materialism. Materialism is a failed philosophy so why be angry with it? He then sez IDists are all functional materialists yet doesn't explain what that is nor why IDists are all functional materialists.

Then Richie spews that science is our enemy. That is funny because science is what led us to the design inference and science confirms the design inference every day. He goes on to spew:

 It has explained the actual mechanisms of many phenomena previously attributed to the divine and is incredibly successful in a real word / pragmatic way.

No examples given. Also Richie doesn't understand that under materialism everything is just a matter of sheer dumb luck- innumerable improbable coincidences- and that is the real enemy of science.

Read Richie;s ignorant spewage for yourself

Friday, June 27, 2014

Richie Hughes and the Lying EvoTARDs of The Septic Zone

I haven't looked in on TSZ for a while and decided to take a look. All I read was the same ole lying claptrap- Richie creme-cake Hughes saying that CSI hasn't been investigated even though I have presented peer-review papers that have investigated and calculated it*. Patrick the assface May saying that irreducible complexity has been refuted even though there isn't any evidence in peer-review that supports that claim. And fatass Joe Felsenstein misrepresenting CSI by saying the definition includes what it is supposed to demonstrate (because gpuccio's English isn't very good and Joe cannot understand what Dembski writes).

All of this when all it would take to falsify ID is to actually do the work and demonstrate purely materialistic processes can actually do what materialism requires of them. But they don't even know where to start.

See for yourselves: That pesky evoTARD ignorance  (not the original title of the thread but it is a better fit).

Still entertaining and still pathetic.

*Measuring CSI in Biology

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Climate Change Hysteria- Jon Stewart Needs to Buy a Vowel

Jon Stewart ragging on the GOP because of their global warming, I mean climate change, skepticism. The members of the GOP who call it a hoax are referring to the alarmist nonsense about the catastrophic effects of CO2. So get a grip.

And Jon, if one actually looks at the NOAA Global temps from 1880-now, we are only .62 degrees C above some arbitrary norm. And if you look from 1998 until  2014 there isn't any indication of any thermal runaway. And guess what? CO2 has been increasingly pumped into the atmosphere.

The climate changes, that is just what happens on this planet. Science has told us that and yet people are alarmed when the climate changes. Strange.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Jerry Coyne is a Cowardly Cry-Baby who has his Panties in Knot

This is too funny. A High School principal in Lebanon, MO mentioned the word "God" several times during his speech at his High School's graduation ceremony. He did NOT endorse Christianity. He did not endorse Islam. He did not endorse any religion.

Most of the "God" references were of historical note- "In God We Trust" is on our currency. The Declaration of Independence talks of a Creator. And in a moment of silence the principal said he asked God to avail Himself in every possible way. He made his moment of silence public.

No endorsement of religion there.

However Jerry Coyne sez the principal violated the First* amendment. We will add the Constitution to the long list of things Jerry Coyne is ignorant of.

One lawyer said the following:

"Unless he says Lebanon High school officially recognizes Christianity or something to that extent, then that would be illegal, but that's not what occurred in this instance," said Wampler.  "So like it or not, is up to each person.  We can't have state or city churches either, but this does not establish a church."

Coyne is too stupid to grasp that simple fact.

*edited from 2nd- confused Jerry's latest rantings on the Constitution.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Zachriel is Ignorant of the Common Descent Concept

This is too funny, an evolutionist choking on the concept of common descent. See it for yourselfs-

Zachriel posted:

A family tree is not common descent, that is, unless you have a habit of marrying your cousins. In most cases, mating is between families, not within families. 
So only people who marry their cousins can have descendants?  Really?

Earlier Zachriel posted:
If we group each organism with all of its descendants (forming clades), then yes, we would have a set pattern such that each subset is contained within its superset. That's due to the tree-like structure. The obvious deduction is that the traits of the leaves, given descent with modification, would naturally group together such that each subset is contained within a superset. The set patterns would closely match. 
So I said that a family tree is a clade (by Zach's definition) yet it doesn't form a nested hierarchy. That is when Zachriel sed that shit about a family tree not being common descent.

Common Descent in a nutshell:

Parents have offspring that are slightly modified versions of themselves. These offspring then have offspring that are slightly modified versions of them. And so on until the offspring no longer resemble the original parents, and it keeps going and possibly diverging and converging.

That is how the tree pattern is formed.

But how stupid does an evolutionist have to be to not understand that? Or is it that Zachriel sees that it has stepped on its own little brain and will say anything to distract from that fact?

Can't lose the nested hierarchy debate to us so Zachriel goes into full denial mode.