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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Human Chromosome 2- Evidence Against Fusion

Yes, you read that correctly, there is evidence against the alleged fusion of two smaller chromosomes to form human chromosome 2. The evidence is a functional gene in the alleged fusion site- that is the alleged fusion site is in the middle of the gene! And that means the fusion site is not indicative of the ends of genes spliced together.

Did evolutionary biologists discover this? Nope. Jeff Tomkins found it- he is a member of the ICR (Institute for Creation Research).

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Intelligent Design- Still Supported by Science and Going Strong

Let's face it, materialism has proven to be a total failure. This also includes all materialistic concepts of the origin of life as well as its subsequent evolution. Yes, that's right, materialistic concepts of evolution have been a total failure also. That is because it cannot be modeled. Wm. Dembski, yes he's an ID advocate, tried to model materialistic evolution as a random search only to be told by evos that it isn't a search at all!

On the other hand Intelligent Design has expanded beyond biology and is evidenced in, for example, cosmology, physics and chemistry. Irreducible complexity has proven to be well beyond the reach of materialistic processes. Heck it seems that anything requiring more than two specific mutations is beyond the reach of materialistic processes unless one has an unrealistic unlimited population with short reproduction times.

Intelligent Design Evolution is exemplified by genetic and evolutionary algorithms. IOW it is a known and used commodity. No one uses materialistic evolution for anything. It is useless mainly because it cannot be modeled. And it cannot be modeled because no one knows how it works.

So if your hear someone say or write about ID being dead or that ID books/literature has been thoroughly refuted, you can be assured that the person/ people writing and saying such things are totally ignorant or just pathological liars. Seriously just ask them for the evidence for natural selection actually producing something and see what happens. The only way natural selection does anything of note is via bald declarations and that is just a fact.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kevin R. McCarthy (D- Texas) is an Ignorant Coward

Yup Kevin the shit eater is at it again. He spews:

I have had a creationist argue for years (and I mean that literally, late 2009 through 2012) that
I wonder how Kevin defines "creationist"? He never sez.

  • ice was not water
It isn't. Ice is less dense than water. Go to a restaurant and ask for a coke with ice and see what they bring you, moron. Then order a glass of water and see what they bring you. Also the molecular lattice of ice is different from the molecular lattice of water.

We can swim in water and we can skate on ice. We cannot swim in ice and skate on water. We can ski on both ice and water- perhaps that is what has Kevin so confused.
  • that “size” included a measurement of mass (so a rock could never be the same size as a baseball because it would have a different mass)
LoL! It all depends on what type of rock But yes size does include weight. That is just a fact. Why does Kevin doubt that fact? Educated people would say that the rock is the same diameter as the baseball. Educated people say the hail was the diameter of a nickel. Eductaed people know the correct words to use. Kevin doesn't. Go figure.
  • that TICKS preferred watermelon to oranges (ticks, of course, being obligate hemovores)
More ignorance as I never said why they preferred watermelon to orange peels. And again that was an observation that was reproduced, ie science.

The funny part is Kevin's post is about the alleged "Gish Gallop" and yet evos are guilty of using this tactic on a daily basis. Not only that they don't have any evidence to support their claims- heck it has been proven that they don't even have a model!

Kevin sez something about never admitting being wrong- well that is Kevin as he has been proven to be wrong on many occasions yet he never has admitted it.

For example he posted here that I was wrong to say that with universal common descent there had to be organisms with 47 chromosomes. That is because with the chromosome 2 fusion there would have been 23 in the sperm but 24 in the egg (or the other way with 23 in the egg and 24 in the sperm).

Another example is ID is not anti-evolution. Kevin sez it is because it is anti-Darwinian evolution. Kevin is too stupid to grasp the fact that not all evolution has to be Darwinian. And when asked in what way ID is anti-evolution Kevin the coward refuses to answer.

Kevin also sucks Prothero, not realizing that Donald did not show how Darwinian evolution produced the Cambrian nor pre-Cambrian organisms. Prothero is a joke that Kevin takes seriously. That is part of the problem. Everything someone sez against ID Kevin accepts as the truth because he is just too stupid to do any real research. And anything people say against Kevin's views are just wrong cuz he sez so.

Kevin the coward won't let me post on his blog because he is sick and tired of me correcting him all the time.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

EvoTARD Wisdom- The "Sensuous Curmudgeon, Blissfully Ignorant of Biology

Just checking around to see what the anti-ID morons are spouting off about and I found the sensuous curmudgeon who is always full of shit. It sed:

Actually, Tom, yes — DNA can organize itself. It does so every time it replicates. 

BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- what an ignorant asswipe. DNA doesn't organize itself. DNA gets replicated as part of the cell replication process and is organized via many proteins working in conjunction to make it happen.

The sadest part is it was responding to this:

Isn’t DNA information? Where did the information come from? Can information invent itself?
And it's response didn't even address that. Pathetic. It's position can't even account for the existence of DNA. Strange how it avoids that reality.

Now I understand why the sensuous curmudgeon doesn't want to debate people who disagree with it.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is an Unfertilized Egg also a Living Cell? Andy Schueler Chokes

Is an unfertilized egg also a living cell? In reality it is more of a formed element akin to red blood cells. Unfertilized eggs do NOT reproduce and reproduction is key to being a living cell. Unfertilized eggs only have 1/2 of the chromosomes as the other cells in the body.

The point? My loser buddy Andy Schueler sez that:
There is no transition of "non-life" => "life" in human development, it is a continuous cycle, and the unfertilized egg is just as much a) "alive" as the fertilized one and also just as much b) a "human cell" as the fertilized one. 
If an unfertilized egg doesn't reproduce then obviously it cannot be just as much alive as the fertilized one that does reproduce. It is even doubtful that an unfertilized egg is a cell given the fact that it doesn't reproduce and has only 1/2 the chromosomes as the cells.

Andy Schueler is allegedly a biologist...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Are All Anti-Life People Unaware of How Babies Come to Be? Jonathan MS Pearce is Clueless

Anti-lifers love to call themselves "pro-choice" yet that obviously only applies to birth. They are anti- gun rights. They are anti-capital punishment. They don't want you to be able to choose if you want healthcare or not.

Back to the title- the anti-life mob doesn't seem to be able to grasp the fact that humans develop over time. And that 6-9 months of that time is spent in the womb where the eventual humans are the most defense-less. They even actually use the bullshit that there are so-called natural abortions to support their call that it is OK to destroy over 1 million eventual humans a year (that number is much higher as in the USA there are 1.2 million abortions a year). The anti-life losers blame God for those natural abortions- talk about cry-baby losers.

The anti-life mob who wants to be called pro-choice doesn't really want people to be able to choose. When a person murders another person the choice for capital punishment has already been made. Owning guns? That is our RIGHT. Going to war? Only when we are attacked.

Jonny Pearce wants people to think that Pro-life people (anti-abortion) are for war, capital punishment and guns and against universal healthcare. No Jonny, we want people to be able to choose healthcare. Not everyone owns a gun but it is our RIGHT to do so. Capital punishment is justice and due to the many assholes wars have become necessary- unfortunately. But I will take war over someone trying to force me to be like them.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jonathan MS Pearce is a Confused Imbecile

Skeptic Ink member Jonathon MS Pearce has denounced free will at just about every chance he gets. That is OK, he is free to do so. However he turns around and calls himself and other alleged skeptics, free thinkers.


Jonathon is obviously too dim to grasp the fact that in order to be a free thinker one must have free will. Jonathon MS Pearce is indeed a confused imbecile.

Dembski Undresses Evolutionists at the University of Chicago

Too bad Coyne was too much of a coward to attend, but yes Dembski undressed evolutionists. Ya see Dembski compared evolutionism to a search. That caused an uproar with evolutionists who say that it isn't a search.

Dembski then asked for a model so it can be tested and nothing was ever offered.

So there you have it- evolutionism cannot be modeled and according to Lizzie Liddle and others that means it isn't science.