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Friday, December 09, 2011

Kevin R. McCarthy, AKA OgreMKV, How NOT to be a Skeptic

That's right, Kevin R. McCarthy, the person going around (wrongly) calling out people for their failure to be a proper skeptic, is now demonstrating How NOT to be a Skeptic:

Honestly, when I tool the cellular structures class I was amazed that anything in our bodies works.

Exons, introns, methylation, reading frames, protein folding, plus the assembly of these into structures… it’s truly stunning.

But unlike creationists, I can see that these are insanely complex systems that have been evolving for billions of years instead of throwing my hands up and ‘Cthullu did it’.

What does this have to do with being a skeptic? Disregarding the evidence in favor of your personal worldview:

1- No one can see anything evolving for billions of years.

2- Throwing time around as the "solution" is the same as throwing your hands up and saying "evolutionwentanddonedidit"

3- Kevin obviously does NOT understand science

Thanks Kevin. That you have a say in anything to do with education just proves that our education system is in deep shit.

Kevin R. McCarthy of Round Rock Texas- people in Texas need to write to their State reps to expose this guy and get him out of their education system.


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