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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Joshua Swamidass and Peaceful Science- Still Choking on Polar Bears

Peaceful Science is in an uproar over polar bears and their ApoB gene. That is both an animal and a gene that those ignorant assholes do not have a mechanism capable of producing. So they ignore that fact and prattle on like a bunch of ignorant children.

Swamidass spews:
From our point of view, even if this is true, he neglects constructive neutral evolution, so it doesn’t really matter.
You don't have a methodology to test your claim of constructive neutral evolution. That means it is NOT scientific.

So, not only is the animal and gene beyond the capabilities of any mechanism they can call upon, they are too stupid to understand that. The point is if they could do that- account for the animal and the gene, then THAT would be their evidence against ID. But they cannot do that so they have to whine about whether or not changes to the gene in polar bears is a damaging change that is just beneficial to polar bears. But they probably can't even show those changes were due to blind and mindless processes.

They don't have anything but to try to argue minutia. And that is very telling


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