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Saturday, April 06, 2019

Differential Reproductive Success or Equivocating Cowardice?

The desperate TARD never stops. Differential reproductive success is supposed to be some magical process capable of producing the diversity of life, starting from some molecular replicators. And yet when we look at differential reproductive success (DRS) in the real world, in real time, there is nothing that says it can any moar than shift the allele frequencies within a population, over time.

As Dr. Behe has explained in "Darwin Devolves" it is much easier to gain DRS by loss of function due to random, as in happenstance, genetic change. And producing more of certain strains of bacteria will never produce a eukaryote.

Also, when the only goal is to survive, a change in behavior can accomplish that more readily than waiting for a genetic change to come along.

Even given DRS all of the offspring are still the same basic type as their parents and every other in the population. For example, even if every one of Brigham Young's 41 biological children, had 41 children and so forth, there would just be a massive family reunion- all human.

What evos refuse to accept is that the whole debate is whether or not the variation that leads to the differential reproductive success arose by chance or design. So saying "differential reproductive success" is still nothing but  cowardly equivocation.

DRS is what passes for science over on Peaceful Science


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