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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Arthur Hunt- Question-Begging Ass

Arthur Hunt has become a lowlife, question-begging ass. He stays the course:
Yet it happened, essentially in real time, by random recombination processes that are well-known in plant mitochondria.
That is what you have FAILed to demonstrate, asshole. You don't just get to baldly assert it. You actually have to come up with a methodology to determine it.

This is amazing. The article Hunt is allegedly responding to  says right in it that he needs to find evidence that support his claims that blind and mindless processes did it:

1. It is exceedingly unlikely that T-urf13 arose de novo by unguided mutations. This, in itself, is a prima facie reason to consider alternative explanations
Like a coward Hunt ignores that. And:
But how does Hunt know that T-urf13 evolved by unguided mutational events from scratch? He doesn’t. Or, at the very least, he has not established that T-urf13 evolved by blind evolution.
Again, that is ignored by the coward.

Hunt sez he is preparing a response. But it is a given said response will not have the science that demonstrates what Hunt sez is true.


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