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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

"how does “the design inference” help me understand anything about biology?"

The smell of a double-standard. How does “the blind watchmaker” help me understand anything about biology? It doesn't. It doesn't help anyone and as a mater of fact hinders progress and turns scientists into guessers and speculators.

But I digress, so back to the original question- how does “the design inference” help me understand anything about biology? 

Pretty much the same way the design inference helps us understand Stonehenge better than we could if we called it a natural formation. The same way determining a death is murder helps us better understand that death. Why have design-centric venues at all if it didn't matter?

How something came to be the way it is, is one of the basic questions in science. The cause. The root cause. That means if biological organisms were intelligently designed, it would get to the bottom of the root cause. Knowing that organisms were designed to evolve and (may) contain "built-in responses to environmental cues" would tell us how the variations arise. Knowing what makes an organism what it is would help us determine the extent of evolutionary change. And knowing that there is more to life than chemistry and physics should help us better understand it.

The entire investigative process changes once intelligent design is determined. We start asking questions we never asked before. Why, becomes a valid question. Purpose is then implicated in our existence. 

We start using our engineering skills to better understand what is going on. Meaning we may be able to better predict problems and implement treatments, repairs and cures.

All of a sudden the codes that rule biology make sense. No more wasting time and effort trying to find a non-telic origin for something that didn't originate via non-telic processes.

There will be no more saying "Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved." (FC)

You can only understand the essence of anything intelligently designed by studying it as an intelligently designed object, structure or event. And we will never understand the essence of life until we give up denying the design inference.


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