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Monday, April 08, 2019

Is Art Hunt a Coward or does He Agree with ENV?

The T-urf 13 saga continues. Art Hunt has responded to ENV.  However, when you read that response Art dodges the most important part:
1- It is exceedingly unlikely that T-urf13 arose de novo by unguided mutations. This, in itself, is a prima facie reason to consider alternative explanations.
That was Art's entire spiel. That T-urf 13 arose via blind and mindless processes. And yet when challenged he doesn't even attempt to address it.

Does that mean he agrees with ENV? He does say he has another response coming but my bet it will be on something other than the main point.

If Art Hunt balks on the challenge then he has nothing and should just shut up about it.

My prediction is he will balk on the challenge and he will continue to spew his puerile nonsense. And Peaceful Science will continue to slop it up because they don't know any better.


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