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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Is Joshua Swamidass Confused or just Pathetic?

Joshua is most likely confused and pathetic:
SETI seeks to infer the design of hypothetical creatures. Incidentally, they also have an excellent track record of avoiding false positives (unlike ID).
ID has avoided false positives. Joshua is a pathetically confused and ignorant of ID.

We do not infer divine design because God is not susceptible to scientific inquiry.
That doesn't follow, but ID does not infer divine design. ID doesn't require God.

IDists infer design because of our KNOWLEDGE of cause and effect relationships.

Joshua is such a pathetic excuse for a human. He wouldn't last one week over on Uncommon Descent. That is why he had to start his own site. So he can bash ID with his ignorance and hump his strawman whenever he wants to.


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