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Friday, March 29, 2019

Is Nathan Lents a Fool and a Liar?

The evidence says yes. A recent article supports that claim. 
There is no coherent theory about intelligent design; according to Lents, the one commonality is that supporters “don’t buy modern evolutionary theory, or some part of modern evolutionary theory. They hold a whole variety of incompatible positions.”
There is no coherent theory of evolution by means of blind, mindless and purposeless processes, you ignorant jerk. You don't even have a methodology to test the claims made by such a concept.

Irreducible complexity is the idea that evolution must be false because natural selection acts by propagating mutations that create advantage for the organism.
Liar- total bullshit.

1- IC is not the idea that evolution must be false because,
2- Intelligent Design is NOT anti-evolution.
“What we do know is that these structures don’t evolve as fully-formed units. When the eye was evolving, it wasn’t like a fully-formed retina — boom — just appeared, and then a full-formed lens, that’s not how it works. The whole thing becomes gradually more complex, and then, of course, many, many steps later it looks like if you remove any one part the whole thing doesn’t work, but that’s because it’s evolving as a unit, not stepwise. It’s not like building a car. The good thing is that, if you look at the eye, we can find intermediates, not in the fossil record but in living things right now, that have an earlier version of the eye.”
Evidence, asshole. What is your evidence for such a scenario and how can that scenario be tested? You need to cash it out in terms of genetics and you have FAILed to do so.
In this review, Lents sticks to the science.
All evidence to the contrary, of course.
They point to sections or examples in Darwin Devolves that fail to take into account evidence produced by testing modern evolutionary theory.
...I’m just speaking to the general public, trying to correct the record on science.” 
But intelligent design supporters, including Michael Behe, their starting point is that they have a truth that they already believe is true, and then they try to mold an explanation for the science around that preconceived notion.
Fuck you, you lying asshole. Intelligent Design does no such thing and Lents will NEVER support his bullshit lies.

Nathan Lents is a fool and a liar.


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