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Monday, March 25, 2019

Is Joshua Swamidass a Clown?

Or maybe he is just a sad little comedian. You decide.

Now Joshua says the following:

(Joshua): I agree. We are waiting for him to respond. Why do you think he continues to avoid responding to it?
This is strange because Bill Cole posted Dr. Behe's response on Peaceful Science. See my post on that- The Double Standard of Art Hunt 

Now it is up to Art Hunt to demonstrate that blind and mindless processes did it. Yet we already know that maize exists only due to artificial, and not natural, selection. And yes, that makes all of the difference in the world.

Even given that, there is still the main issue. Hunt needs a way to determine recombination is spontaneous- as in it just happens as a matter of course. He can't do that.

Dr. Spetner has already explained why recombination occurs "Not By Chance".

So, not only has Dr. Behe responded, there hasn't been anything beyond handwaving to Dr. Behe's response.

If all Hunt can do now is keep repeating his claim then there is nothing else for Dr. Behe to do but move on. Now it is up to Hunt to support his claims instead of merely repeating them.

Maybe Joshua is just oblivious, ie willfully ignorant, to what is being debated with respect to evolutionary biology. Still sounds like a clown to me.


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