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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

CLAVDIVS, ie Claudius, is Confused

Peaceful Science bans most IDists and drivel falls like rain:
I really don’t understand the main argument of Darwin Devolves.
If, overall, natural processes ‘degrade’ the genome, then all life should now be extinct. But life is not extinct, so something other than natural processes must be operating?
What I’m not getting is: How does Behe eliminate the possibility that overall natural processes do not degrade the genome? Can he really extrapolate from a handful of recent examples to all life over deep time?
It's called Intelligent Design, CLAV. ID says that organisms were intelligently designed with the ability to evolve and adapt.

Darwin Devolves demonstrates that if Darwinian processes rule biology then biology started out pretty much with the diversity already set. And from there it just degraded. That means if universal common descent is true then it did not happen via Darwinian processes.


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