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Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Prevents Macoevolution? Ignorant Evos Want Us to Prove a Negative

Proof that evolutionists are totally clueless wrt science is their question "What prevents macoevolution from happening?"- ie they want us to demonstrate a negative.

The imbeciles don't realize that it is up to them to demonstrate that macroevolution is possible. It is not up to anyone to say how that it is not possible. IOW evos require positive evidence for their claims and their insistence that someone demonstrate a negative proves they are ignorant wrt science.

Their problem is they don't have any evidence for macroevolution. They rely solely on circumstantial evidence, like the mostly universal genetic code, not realizing that their position doesn't expect such a thing and there are other explanations for that evidence (yes, like a common design).

They claim that macroevolution takes too long to observe not realizing that hiding behind father time is cowardice, not science. But then again not one of them appears to know what science is...


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