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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Evolutionism, Intelligen Design Evolition and Baraminology- The Fundamentals are the Same!

Lizzie Liddle sez:
Sure, it’s conceptual. But what it reveals is that niwrad’s concept of what evolutionary theory actually proposes is wildly wrong. His conceptual model doesn’t actually include the fundamentals of the theory – reproduction with variation.

Wow! The fundamentals of Inetllgent Design Evolution and Baraminology are also reproduction and variation! Strange that Lizzie didn't even know that- but she doesn't appear to know much of anything wrt evolution and biology.

And Lizzie, AGAIN if darwinism cannot account for the origin of life then it cannot say anything about its evolution as the two are directly linked. Again your ignorance in this matter, while amusing, means nothing and doesn't help you at all.


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