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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Patrick May, STILL Ignorant of Science

Patrick May never disappoints with his ignorance. WRT Intelligent Design Pat spews:
“Design” is not an explanation. Try answering the who, what, when, why, and how questions before claiming you’ve solved the problem.

1- Design is an explanation. Forensic science uses it to depict a crime has taken place and the investigation procedes accordingly. Archeaology uses it to determine if they have an artfact and their investigation procedes accordingly. IOW it makes a huge difference to any investigation whether or not what is being investigated happened by design or nature, operating freely.

2- In the absence of direct observation or designer input, the only possible way to make any determination about the designer(s), the specific process(es) used, and any other questions, is by studying the design in question. THAT is how it works with forensic science. That is how it works with archaeology and that is how it works with SETI.

So there you have it. Had Pat had any knowledge as to how science procedes he wouldn't be spewing such nonsense. And that no one over on TSZ will correct him demonstrates a trend amongst evoTARDs.

LoL! Patty is so clueless that he thinks that Tierra is a genetic algorithm- no dumbass it's a simulation, it doesn't try to solve anything- GAs are designed for solving problems,


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