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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Randomness and evolution or More BS from TSZ

Allan Miller has a post titled Randomness and evolution. He sez:
Here’s a simple experiment one can actually try. Take a bag of M&M’s, and without peeking reach in and grab one. Eat it. Then grab another and return it to the bag with another one, from a separate bag, of the same colour. Give it a shake. I guarantee (and if you tell me how big your bag is I’ll have a bet on how long it’ll take) that your bag will end up containing only one colour. Every time. I can’t tell you which colour it will be, but fixation will happen.
Umm if someone is choosing what color to put into the first bag from the second bag, then that is a form of artificial selection.

Guess what? If you only have one bag of M&Ms, and eat one every minute until there is only one left, eventually you will also end up with only one color. Amazing!

He goes on to say:

This models the simple population process of Neutral Drift. Eating is death, duplication is reproduction, and the result is invariably a change in frequencies, right through to extinction of all but one type. 

But if reproduction = duplication, there goes evolution!

But anyway, these chumps don't understand selection- with natural selection there isn't any selecting going on. Natural selection is just the elimination of the less fit- Mayr.


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