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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Of Polar Bears, Peppered Moths and Equivocation

It never fails- when evoTARDs are conered they trot out the standard crap like polar bears being white and living in the arctic. Yet they don't realize that their position can't account for bears at all and they have no idea if accumulations of genetic accidents produced a polar bear from another type of bear or not.

The same goes for peppered moths, anti-biotic resistance, the beaks of the finch- none of that really supports darwin bnecause no one knows the nature of the genetic changes involved.

The equivocation comes in when evoTARDs claim all change is evidence for their position- because they are too stupid and lazy to learn what their opponents really say- and even the slightest of change means that universal common descent is true.

So yes polar bears and peppered moths may have something to do with evolution. No one knows what kind of evolution, blind-watchmaker, ie unguided evolution or Intelligent Design evolution. But that won't stop evoTARDs from trying to make their claims on it.


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