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Monday, January 06, 2014

Elizabeth Liddle and Allan Miller- LIARS for Darwinism and Materialism

OK enough is enough and I have had it with the bullshit lies of the darwinian faithful.

Lizzie sed:

I could be wrong. But I think ID is dead at its heart now, and all that’s are people who were, unfortunately, fooled by it.

To which WJM replied:

I think that’s pretty much most IDist’s view of Darwinism. 

Then Miller chimed in with his bullshit:

And yet, in the one, publications continue to appear on a daily basis; in the other nothing but perennial rehash of the same tired arguments. How does an incorrect science prove to be so fruitful

There aren't any publications that support darwinism- evolution, yes, darwinian evolution, no.  IOW Allan is just an ignorant equivocator.

Then lizzie sez:

And in contrast, look at the vast output from non-ID science, including evolutionary science, in genetics, palaeontology, biology; look at the role it plays in translational research, from agriculture to medicine; dammit look at its’ explanatory power, if you can. And then look at physics (the same physics as drives cosmology and multiverse theory) – and the extraordinarily accurate predictions it makes.

What a total lying asshole! Evolutionary science is a bullshit equivocation. THere isn't anything from blind-watchmaker, ie unguided evolution. Nothing from genetics that supports unguided evolution. Materialism has offered NOTHING- and unguided evolution doesn't have any explanatory power. Lizzie Liddle is just a dried up old hag and a liar.


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