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Friday, May 17, 2013

CSI is NOT a Measure of Meaning/ Function

Well Kevin and others just have to be little baby assholes and insist that because CSI is Shannon information with meaning/ function, that means that meaning and function are measured. They are not.

Meaning and function would be observed, ie special cases of Shannon information. IOW just because something has meaning or functionality does not mean we cannot apply Shannon's technique. The bits are still there, they are just specified. It does NOT matter how meaningful or how functional.

Again this is all spelled out in "No Free Lunch", so stop blaming me for YOUR willful ignorance.


  • At 12:21 AM, Blogger bpragmatic said…

    Joe, go back and read my last comment a few posts back. Hold the fucking Thorfuckhead to answer those questions. I dont mean to dictate to you what you ought to do here, because it is your forum. but, since this is your forum you have the ability to direct the conversation in any way you choose. and ask any questions you want. and to require answers to those questions for continuity sake. look again at that last post of yours truly, and hold the son of a bitch's feet to the fire regarding those questions. the motherfucker is obviously a coward, or he would confront the issues raised. maybe you dont want to think about those ideas specifically. or your understanding of the essence of what the discussions fundamentally are concerned with are not specifically in sypathetic alignment with such.
    But the direction of the conversations with these bastards need to be influenced by such unanswered questions, yes, that are begging to be addressed. Fuck
    CSI in and of itself. let us get down to something that is even intuitive for an average person. these arrogant assholes have been funded for decades to produce their own language and create the fucking paridign of the discussion where their conjecture and assumptions are taking by the ignorant public as fact. that has ended, and they are in the process of getting their just reward which is ridicule, and if the public were smart enough, a removal of their shit philosophy from anywhere near the word science. and any publically funded and by the way, make the bastards pay back the publically funded money they have been paid to propogate their shit science and. and any concept of tenure, fuck you. if they had to pay for the damage to society they have done, they could live for a million years making taking what they have adjusted for inflation, and still not come close to paying the debt owed to society.

    other than that, have a good day ya all.

  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Joe G said…


    Those cowards can't answer anything. That is why they have to attack ID and CSI with their belligerent ignorance.


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