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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dr Nim and Dr Liddle's Confusion

Lizzie Liddle is fascinated with a mechanical game called "The Amazing Dr Nim". She thinks it is amazing because it behaves like an intelligent agent. Well yeah, it was DESIGNED to!

Clearly Dr Nim was conceived, designed and manufactured by intelligent agents who did so with purpose and intent.

Lizzie, Dr Nim is a mechanical counter and consists of more than than "just a few plastic gates mounted on channeled board".  And everything it does traces back to the intelligent agencies who conceived, designed and manufactured it.

It ain't magic Lizzie. When there are 4 marbles left just remove one from the top feeder row and Dr Nim will still drop 3. It isn't clever.

15 balls to start. Then it counts down to 1.

So do you understand that Lizzie? Dr Nim, a plastic game, behaves like an intelligent agent because intelligent agents designed it to. It's design and intent all the way down.

Dr Nim confounds Lizzie Liddle


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