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Friday, May 10, 2013

keiths is just a Pathological Liar (or totally ignorant)

- keiths is at it still. He baldly declares:
The nested hierarchy favors unguided evolution over ID by a factor of trillions.
Hey asshole, the observed nested hierarchy, Linnean taxonomy, has NOTHING to do with evolution, guided or not. Also an Army can be placed into a nested hierarchy, and an army also has nothing to do with evolution.

And keiths spews another bald assertion:

Other evidence, such as biogeography, for example, also fits with unguided evolution far, far better than it does with ID. 
Cuz he sez so!

Phylogenetics say NOTHING about a mechanism. Morphology  doesn't say anything about a mechanism.

And through all of his bluster keiths never sez how it was determined that evolution is unguided, never provides any testable hypotheses for unguided evolution and never provides any predictions. All he provides is one bald assertion after another.

So is keiths just a pathological liar or is he totally ignorant?


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