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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Living Organisms are Chock-full and Replete with CSI

Living organisms are chock-full and replete with CSI because they are chock-full and replete with biological specifications. That is they consist of and contain functional systems and subsystems that depend of sequence specificity.

And CSI is Shannon information with function/ meaning. Heck the minimal genome of the minimal bacteria requires some 250 specific proteins.

This pisses evoTARDS off so they have to attack the concept because they know they cannot demonstrate unguided processes producing such a thing.

Oh goody, dumbass Kevin McCarthy tries to respond to me:
"biological specifications"... OK Joey, name one. Name one biological specification and how you determine if it is present or not.

Reproduction*. And we determine it is present by observing it happening, duh.

On sequence specificity:

Really? These systems DEPEND on sequence specificity? Let's get some numbers Joey... how specific do the sequences have to be Joe?  

Specific enough whereas not just any will do. And specific enough to produce all of the proteins required to sustain a living organism. Again, not just any set of proteins will do.

Do you ever read the peer-reviewed literature Kevin? You can read just how specific the sequence has to be in most cases.

In DNA, there are 64 combinations of codons, but they only generate 20 amino acids (and three STOP codes). 

LoL! The codons don't generate anything. They code for the amino acids. A code your position cannot explain. But there you have it. the sequence has to be specific enough to code for the proper amino acids for the protein to be able to fold into its functional shape.

And the protein is much more than just the active site. Some form channels to funnel molecules to the active site.

Since CSI is a numerical value (in bits) and Shannon information is a numerical value (in bits), then function/meaning must be a numerical value (in bits).

If it must be then please show your work demonstrating that claim. I say function and meaning are observations- you know why we do science in the first place.

No one cares what you think biology does, doesn't, can do, or can't do.

Well Kevin, no one gives a fuck about anything you say. You couldn't supprt evolutionism if you life depended on it. All you do is deny reality and attack strawman after strawman.

Remember Joey, this has nothing to do with biology, evolution, materialists, Darwinism, guided or unguided processes. This is very simply, can you do what you say?

That's false. It has everything to do with unguided evolution because if YOU could actually support the claims of your position, which apparently is different than mainstream, then I wouldn't have anything to say about CSI or Intelligent Design. And scientists have already done what I said.
Living organisms are mysterious not for their complexity per se, but for their tightly specified complexity- Paul Davies "The Fifth Miracle"

Living organisms are distinguished by their specified complexity. Crystals such as granite fail to qualify as living because they lack complexity; mixtures of random polymers fail to qualify because they lack specificity.- Leslie Orgel 

*Complicated things have some quality, specifiable in advance, that is highly unlikely to have been acquired by random chance alone. In the case of living organisms, the quality that is specified in advance is...the ability to propagate genes in reproduction- Richard Dawkins "The Blind Watchmaker"


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