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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Of Sets, Supersets, and Subsets

General and trivial information:

In mathematics set is not only a set, but it is also an improper superset AND an improper subset of itself. That's one better than a Cert and a reeses cup.

And that belongs in the set of trivial things.

What is NOT trivial is the proper side of the coin, the part that matters. In order to be a proper superset it must be in relation to at least one other set. And those other sets must have fewer elements than the superset, with the superset consisting of and containing of all of the elements in those other sets. That is important information, especially when constructing a nested hierarchy of sets.

What's the point? Well Oleg Tsuchajerkoff axed me if a set could be a superset of itself. I said no, provided the reasoning and he started flopping about like a fish out of water.

And the sad part is he was prattling on about proper terminology- or maybe that was some other sock- yet he did not.

The really sad part is they keep telling me to show up at the forum and somehow they will magically be able to support evolutionism. Yet all I get when I go there are bullshit distractions, more false accusations and quivering cowardice- safety in numbers sort of thing.

With spokesTARDS like that, no wonder no one takes evolutionism seriously- no one beyond the TARDS that is.


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