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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Alan, call me Anal, Fox, Clueles 'til the end

Alan Fox is allegedly a biochemist. Unfiortunately he proves time and again that he doesn't understand science. Alan sez:

Saying unintelligent forces are “scientifically implausible” is exactly what I mean by an argument from incredulity.
No Alan, that is what science has demonstrated. Just take a look at Lenski's long running experiment.

Alan goes on to say:

And “require ID” is a meaningless phrase.
Only to you and other totally ignorant evoTARDs, Alan. To real researchers that is a game changing determination. Even Dawkins recognizes that fact.

Then Alan proves that he is a clueless dolt:

 Unless you want to tell me what ID does, – where, when, how. 

Intelligent Design detects and studies design in nature. It does so wherever such patterns are found and it does so using tried and true scientific techniques.

Unless Alan is saying that we need to know how, where, when designs came to be. But only a moron would think we need to know those answers BEFORE determining design is present and then studying it.

Earth to Alan Fox, if you don't like the design inference all you have to do is step up and actually present some evidence, along with a testable hypothesis, for unguided evolution. keiths tried and failed miserably. So what do you have besides your obvious ignorance?


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