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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Carbohydrate Lovers- No Need to Give Them Up!

Many new diets are telling us to lay off of the carbs (carbohydrates) because carbs are the fuel your body will use before it gets to the fat you want to brun and lose.

Tri-athletes, marathon runners, swimmers, cyclists- all chow down on carbs because they do burn them off in their daily routine.

Now there is help for us regular people- GC7X

I am a carb lover- I love pasta and pizza- I can eat pasta and pizza every day and some weeks I do. I eat pasta as if I was a tri-athlete getting ready for a major competition. And yes it showed, especially once I started slowing down on my excercise routines.

Then I read about GC7X, bought a bottle and started taking it. 6 months later my triglyceride level dropped 30 points (down into the "normal" range) and my cholesterol also dropped 21 points- and the ONLY difference was GC7X. Oh and my waist has shrunk by 3 inches, back down to a 36 (and shrinking).

So if you love carbs but hate what they do to your body, then I highly recommend GC7X.


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