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Monday, February 25, 2019

The antifreeze gene- Intelligent Design Evolution in Action

Poor clueless evoTARDs. They think that all evidence for evolution has to be evidence for blind watchmaker evolution. That is because they are willfully ignorant of evolution by means of intelligent design. That is the claim that organisms were not only intelligently designed but that design had the ability to evolve and adapt.

He [the Designer] indeed seems to have “carefully crafted” information in His species giving them the ability to respond to environmental stimuli to alter their own genome to adapt to new environments. He then evidently let them wander where they will with the ability to adapt.- Dr. Lee Spetner “the Evolution Revolution” p 108

The antifreeze gene is an excellent example of this.

They can claim it all happened by chance- natural selection is only relevant once the gene is produced- but they will NEVER be able to demonstrate such a thing.


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