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Friday, February 22, 2019

Joshua Swamidass is Clueless

Joshua Swamidass was on of the stooges who wrote a piss-poor review of Dr. Behe's new book "Darwin Devolves". Dr. Behe rails against what he calls "Darwinian evolution", which is nothing more than what Richard Dawkins calls "blind watchmaker evolution". It all refers to evolution by means of blind and mindless processes, but mainly natural selection, which is still the only posited mechanism with the alleged capability of producing the appearance of design.

Swamidass takes exception with being called a Darwinist
Almost comically, they call us “Darwinists” again, even though we are not Darwinists.
Well, then what, exactly, is your issue with Dr. Behe?

Joshua is totally clueless. In the first review they cited an article about Dr. Behe's IC that allegedly destroyed the concept but in reality was just pages of whining, misrepresentation and absolutely zero science.

For the record Joshua has said, wrongly, that modern evolution does not posit blind and mindless processes. Again, he doesn't seem to understand what evolutionary biology actually says because blind and mindless processes still rule.

This is all sad because without realizing it Swamidass, et al., are fighting straw men of their own creation.


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