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Thursday, February 14, 2019

"Dr." Patrick Trischitta on Christmas

"Dr." Patrick Trischitta has said that, wait for it, Christmas is NOT a religious holiday! It doesn't matter that the word Christmas actually Means "Christ Mass" or that Santa was first SAINT Nicholas. No, says Patty, Christmas is not a religious holiday cuz Santa has replaced Jesus!

This moron sez that ID is religious and Christmas is not! How deluded can one person be?

This just exposes the sad state of affairs in the USA and perhaps the world. Atheists want their cake and they will eat it all.

How pathetic of an atheist do you have to be to say Christmas is not religious so you can celebrate it?

My bet is he just sez that because he really doesn't want to try to force the government to ban the holiday- Patty is a member of the deluded freedom from religion foundation. And that would not go over well with the USA.


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