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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Joshua Swamidass, Art Hunt, Nathan Lents and Richard Lenski are PATHETIC

Oh my. The four assholes in the title are totally clueless. When Dr. Behe or anyone else for that matter, says DARWINIAN evolution they read "evolution". They are totally oblivious to the fact that the adjective "Darwinian" comes with specific entailments.

So when Dr. Behe or someone in the ID camp says, for example:
Behe introduces new molecular-level facts that sink the Darwinian view of life once and for all: Darwinian mechanism sometimes helps survival of an organism but always by damaging or breaking genes. The conclusion is clear: life is the product of a mind. - Matt Leisola
They read "evolution". They have their heads so far up their ass they cannot comprehend what they read. So they think that they can provide evidence that "evolution" is nothing like DARWINIAN evolution, they think they have refuted Dr. Behe.

Each one of the people in the title are frauds. They need to retake an English course so they can figure out what they are reading and respond to it rather than what they think it says.

No one says that all mutations damage or break things. That is NOT the argument, you willfully ignorant assholes.

Grow up, already

Whoever said the following is a liar:
In the grand scheme of evolution, mutations serve only to break structures and degrade functions, Behe argues.
You have to be a loser to say that as Dr. Behe has never even suggested it. What Dr. Behe is saying is that genetic accidents, errors and mistakes serve only to damage and degrade.

Again, grow up.

ETA- Mutations that are accidents, errors and mistakes serve only to damage and degrade. Mutations that are not accidents, errors and mistakes, i.e. those "built-in responses to environmental cues" serve to help the organism and population, survive by adapting.


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