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Monday, May 01, 2017

More Clueless Drivel from TSZ

The cluelessness never stops on TSZ. REW's latest clueless spewage:
I think the never ending argument between creationists and science promoters has deteriorated in the last couple of years. Before he was a God debater Dawkins was a science writer and he wrote 2 very good books explaining in outline how natural selection can produce complex objects.
He never says who these alleged science promoters are nor what "science" they are promoting. But his bullshit about Dawkins is laughable as dawkins never used any science to show that natural selection can produce anything beyond mere change in allele frequency. And that should tell you something about what passes for science over on TSZ- if an evo sez it it must be science. Pathetic little imps.

And then REW lies:
But in the last few years the commenters at UD have gotten into this cult-like mantra that complexity can only be produced by a designer.
WRONG! ID is not about mere complexity and IDists regularly admit that mere complexity can arise without a designer. But then again there isn't anyone left on TSZ to call him on that bit on nonsense. It must be nice to be able to post lies about your opponents and act as if they are true.

Not one person on this planet can demonstrate natural selection can produce ATP synthase. No one even knows how to test such a claim. And that goes for all biological systems and subsystems- they remain scientifically out of the reach of natural selection. And by the way it is going they will all remain that way.

Then he ens with this bit of cluelessness:
They assert this as an axiom without question and wont consider any other possibility.
Dumbass. In order to get to the design inference all other possibilities were considered. OTOH you and yours are wedded to the blind watchmaker and won't consider any other possibility, even though you have no idea how to test your position's claims.


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