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Saturday, April 01, 2017

keiths, still ignorant of science

When keiths isn't using his ignorance to try to bash religion he uses it to prove he is ignorant of science. keiths sez:
Universal common descent is an established scientific result, not an assumption.
Bullshit. It isn't scientific because the concept cannot be objectively tested. And also if it can't be tested it cannot be established. Heck science can't even tell us what makes an organism what it is. All we do know is that a human baby is born when there is a successful mating of a male and female human. Cats come from cats. Dogs come from dogs. Bacteria only yield more bacteria.

You can't even get beyond populations of prokaryotes and that is given populations of prokaryotes.

This must be why evolutionism is gaining in popularity- up from 8% to 19%- scientific illiteracy.


keiths is doubling-down on his ignorance:
Tell us exactly where Theobald’s arguments fail.
LoL! WRONG! It is up to YOU to tell us where he is right and support that with actual science. Were he went wrong is obvious- he has no idea if the evidence he cites is evidence for universal common descent, he just assumes that it is cuz he can't think of anything else that can explain it. And yet a Common Design explains it all rather nicely. Only a moron would think that universal common descent with all of its numerous nested hierarchy wreaking transitional forms would predict a nested hierarchy. Enter Theobald, keiths and most evoTARDs.

Theobald doesn't even know what makes an organism what it is. And because of that he doesn't have any idea what has to be changed for universal common descent to be a valid concept.

Like I said earlier- given populations of prokaryotes you don't have a mechanism capable of getting beyond more populations of prokaryotes. And tat means universal common descent is a non-starter.


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