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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

And More Ignorance from TSZ

The evoTARDs at TSZ are so fucking clueless that they don't understand that by using goal-oriented processes to simulate evolution the evolution being simulated cannot be evolution by blind and mindless processes. It has NOTHING to do with the fact the simulation was intelligently designed. One clueless loser sed:
 In this brilliant insight, Dembski, Marks, Ewert and Humble have discovered that all simulations of evolution that were programmed on computers, were intentionally programmed to be simulations of evolution.
No, moron, but thanks for proving that you have an inability to think. All models of evolution use goal-oriented processes that are full of the information required for them to do what they are designed to do.

And these are the assholes who think they know more about ID than IDists and yet they cannot grasp the simple fact that ID is not anti-evolution. And that is AFTER it has been explained to them ad nauseum.

The moron even says:
It should be needless to say, but what matters is of course the actual process that takes place in the simulation, not the fact that the simulation was programmed (all simulation are, that’s unavoidably the case with simulations, otherwise they wouldn’tbe simulations).
No DUH! The processes that take place are not blind and mindless. Even AVIDA, which isn't goal-oriented has information snuck in. For one reproduction is just granted. For another when realistic mutation parameters are used nothing happens- no new functions evolved.


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