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Monday, March 27, 2017

A Clueless Tomato Addict

The Skeptical Zone is rife with scientifically illiterate evoTARDs. And it is very telling that they never apply their "skepticism" to the claims of their own position. But anyway am imbecilic tomato addict recently chimed in with:
If ID Creationism is any sort of science, then this is a perfectly fair question.
First ID Creationism only exists in the minds of the willfully ignorant. Second tat pertains to the "how did the Designer do it?" question. And yes it is a fair question but it doesn't have anything to do with ID which deals with the detection and study of design in nature. We don't have to know how something was designed and manufactured to determine it was designed and manufactured. The how comes after. We don't even ask that question until intentional design has been determined to exist. The how is a separate question.

So yes, one of the research questions ID opens up is the how was the design implemented proving that ID is not a scientific dead-end.
If IDC is not science, then we can only expect continued criticism of real science.
It never says what this alleged real science is that ID criticizes. It also doesn't realize that it is the duty of all people to question science. If we couldn't do that then we would still have a geocentric view of the solar system.

But anyway it is a lie to say that ID criticizes real science- a tactic used by losers in an attempt to distract from the fact they are scientifically illiterate chimp-wannabe's.


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