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Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Willfully Ignorant Sensuous Curmudgeon

Another clueless evoTARD is the sensuous curmudgeon. It now has a post trying to lambaste the Discovery Institute pertaining to the recently announced newly discovered solar system with rocky planets. See here.

The moron thinks the discovery is bad news for Creationists yet it cannot say why. The following is what was discovered: Temperate earth-sized worlds found in extraordinarily rich planetary system (Update).

The host star is much smaller than ours. That means the habitable zone is closer to the star which means any planets in that zone will be locked-in- rotation = revolution. One side of the planets will always face the host star which means one side will always be dark and cold. No rotation means no mixing of any atmospheric gasses. It also means that the side facing the star will not have any surface water as it would have been cooked off- or blasted off by solarwinds.

No rotation also means no magnetic field which means massive amounts of radiation will be hitting the planets.

These planets have no chance of harboring native life.

That said, according to "The Privileged Planet", which TSC talks about, the odds of ET increases with Intelligent Design. And yet TSC seems to be ignorant of that also.

So Earth to TSC- If ID is true we would expect there to be more habitable and inhabited planets. It bothers me that we haven't found any


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