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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kevin R. McCarthy- Moron of the Year

Evolution News and Views is having a "Censor of the Year" contest- an award that goes to the evoTARD who spews the most intolerance towards ID and does all in their power to stifle it.

Someone wrote in and said to award it to the evoTARDs who have censored themselves in one way or another. See here.

For example take the poster evoTARD, Kevin R. McCarthy- yeah the poster is a really big group shot but Kevin is down in front- has a self-imposed gag order. He wrote a few reviews of different chapters of "Darwin's Doubt"- well they weren't really reviews as Kevin didn't show any understanding of what Meyer wrote. IOW Kevin is censoring himself- ie he stopped himself from any further review of the book.

So Kevin was nominated for censoring himself ( although ENV mistakenly thought that Kevin was a scientist- they know better now).

But anyway Kevin heard about this nomination and sez:

By not completing my review, I am… somehow… censoring the work of Meyer.
Which leads me to really wonder…
Do these idiots know what “censor” means? 

Clueless bastard! Yes Kevin, THEY know what it means. Obvioulsy you have reading comprehsion issues or most likley you didn't read it and felt compelled to say something anyway- how typical.

Kevin R. McCarthy, moron of the year.


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