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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Andreas Schueler and Jonathon MS Pearce- Totally Clueless and Proud of it

SChueler sed:

“So an unknown number of unknown “Designers” influenced the development of life and / or the universe at unknown points in time for unknown reasons with unknown methods. That claim is maximally vague – it is trivially compatible with every conceivable observation, but it also cannot be refuted or supported by any conceivable observation."

And yet Andy's position is nothing more than "Somethings happened at some point in the past for whatever reason via unknown mechanisms, and here we are."

The point is their position is totally devoid of details. It relies on our ignorance. Talk about being maximally vague.

That said, Andy is totally wrong as ID can be tested and falsified: How to test and falsify ID.

Jonathon MS Pearce has taken notice of this post- it is very telling that neither he nor Andy could refute what I said. And i6t is even more telling that neither of them can support unguided evolution.


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