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Monday, January 27, 2014

Jerry Coyne, Liar for Evolutionism

Jerry Coyne took offense to an article that said evolution should be retired. So he wrote a response. In that response Jerry sez:

1. Evolution happens: populations change genetically over time.
2. That change is gradual and transformative rather than instantaneous; that is, individuals don’t change, but the genetic constitution of populations changes—and substantial change requires substantial time.
3. Lineages also split, creating the diversity of life on Earth today from the first Ur-organism (and yes, there is, rarely in eukaryotes, horizontal movement of genes, which was the basis of New Scientist’s claim that “Darwin was wrong”).
4. That splitting of lineages is what creates common ancestry, so that any pair of species on Earth had a common ancestor at some time in the past.
5. The “designoid” features of organisms arose through the process of natural selection, although random processes like genetic drift can cause evolution (but not the appearance of design).

These are things about evolution that are true. No math needed.

The problem is point 5. No one has ever observed natural selection as a designer mimic. No one has ever observed unguided evolution designing anything. Also point 4 is untestable and also unobservable.

So Jerry is correct on one minor point- evolutionary dogma doesn't need no stinkin' math!

And it is very telling that Jerry isn't around to defend the crap he wrote.


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