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Friday, January 24, 2014

KeithS- Proud to be an Ignorant Ass

KeithS is at it again. He thinks that evil and free will, especially in Heaven, refutes Chritianity somehow. KeithS starts out with a strawman:
Why would an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God knowingly create a world containing the evil we see all around us? That, in a nutshell, is the well-known theological “problem of evil”.
The alleged problem is only a problem to those who cannot think- ie they don't have any reasoning capacity. Without evil there cannot be any good and that means God would not have any way to judge us. Also imperfections help us learn. In a perfect world there wouldn't be any science- life would be very boring.

Keith spews:
 God values free will so much that he chooses to grant it to us despite knowing that we will misuse it. 
Really? Everyone on Earth for its entire history has misused their God-given free will? Evudence please. That is typical of atheist idiots- they just say shit as if it is a fact.

He goes on to say:
Now consider heaven, a perfect place in which there is no evil. Do believers have free will in heaven? 
It is very possible.

Suppose they do. In that case they are free to sin, but they choose not to – otherwise there would be sin in heaven. But if it’s possible for them to have free will and yet refrain from sinning, then why didn’t God create them that way in the first place? 
LoL! What an imbecile! They didn't sin here KeithS- that is how they made it to Heaven. So why would they start doing something in Heaven that they didn't do here? Why are you so fucking stupid?

So then KeithS "concludes" that God is responsiible for evil. What a cry-baby. Humans are responsible for their actions KeithS. Only a cowardly asshole would say that God is responsible for our actions, and here is keiths and most likely all other moronic atheists.


Assface RichTard responded and I missed it- cupcake sez:

Hmmm. Some thoughts.
Why do adults do things that babys don’t?
Shouldn’t a logical extension of this bead reasoning be, abortions are good because it sends babies straight to heaven? All infanticide, even.

Wow, some thoughts- more like imbecilic rantings. Some or even most adults do things that  babies don't, ie become evil, because they chose to be evil. Babies don't know what it means to be evil, Richie. Adults have that knowledge and chose to do evil things.

Are you really that stupid that you couldn't reason that out so you had to try to attack me?

That was followed by keiths choking on "original sin". I guess no one told him that Jesus died on the cross to atone for that. And that asshole tries to tell me that I don't understand Christian doctrine.


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