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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Timothy Horton, AKA Thorton, Calls Jerry Coyne a "Simple-Minded Creationist"!

Yes, it is true, Thorton the evoTARD lost it and called Jerry Coyne a simple-minded creationist for not understanding that natural selection is a two-part process.

Unfortunately for Thorton it is he wo is totally ignorant of natural selection, not Coyne and myself.

Coyne had written"

5. The “designoid” features of organisms arose through the process of natural selection, although random processes like genetic drift can cause evolution (but not the appearance of design).

To which I asked for evidence tat natural selection is a designer mimic.

Enter thorton the evoTARD:

FK, no one in science says that natural selection all by itself is a designer mimic.  

Except for Coyne and Darwin, of course. I wonder how many other evolutionary biologists agree with them and not thortard?

The tard goes on to say:
What is a designer mimic is the evolutionary PROCESS that involves random (WRT reproductive fitness) genetic variations which are then filtered by natural section and carried forward as heritable traits in each subsequent generation. 
LoL! Natural selection includes heritable random mutations. I told the tard just that and he choked on it, as usual.

So here we have an evoTARD who is totally ignorant of the concepts he is trying to defend.

Life is good.


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