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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Joe Felsenstein, STILL Choking on and Lying About CSI

Earth to Joe Felsenstein- shut up.

In my earlier post (linked in the preceding comment) I showed a simple numerical example of the accumulation of 100 bits of CSI.

CSI = 500 bits of SI BY DEFINITION.

KF misunderstands Dembski’s argument. It is not about islands of function, and it is intended to apply to evolution after the Origin Of Life.

Chapter 3 of "No Free Lunch" make it clear that CSI pertains to origins. Elizabeth Liddle agrees:
I’m sure CSI pertains to origins.

Someone needs to get their story straight. And given that Joe F didn't even know that CSI = 500 bits of SI I know who I am going with.

So what does Joe do? Finish with a flourish of unwarranted authority:
Sorry, Dembski is not talking only about prebiotic evolution, he means his argument to apply to evolution after the OOL. I can only suppose that KF feels Dembski’s argument does not apply for evolution after the OOL. (Would that mean that KF thinks that more than 500 bits of CSI could get into the genome after the OOL?) I have read Dembski very carefully and it is quite clear that he does not restrict his theorem to the OOL.

So what happened with the 500 bit part? Did the jelly fall out of your doughnuts and mess up those pages?

Dembski restricts his theorem to blind and undirected processes. And if you start with the very CSI that needs explaining, to do the explaining, then you are fucking retarded. And if you grant that the intitial CSI was designed then good luck demonstrating any subsequent evolution was via blind and undirected processes.


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