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Monday, August 27, 2012

Alan Fox- Another EvoTARD Ignorant of Pornography

Yes Alan Fox is a putz, a liar and a loser. Now he is adding whiny bitch and ignorant asshole to that list- Observe:

I am sorry it wasn’t as obvious to Kairosfocus as it was to others that my invitation to post here contained a light-hearted reference to the only (as far as I am aware) IP ban ever meted out at The Skeptical Zone, received by Joe Gallien in response to his linking a graphically pornographic image here.

Again if what I linked to is pornography (it doesn't fit the definition) then so is what Lizzie posted in plain view. Also if it wasn't that then it would have been something else. Ya see, Alan, the moderation policy over there is one-sided and the moderator(s) appear to ignorant asswipe(s).

I hope that clears up any misunderstanding and if Kairosfocus changes his mind about commenting here, I am sure he will find the moderation rules will be adhered to fairly.

One thing is obvious Alan, not one of you will ever support your position beyond providing bald assertions. So why the fuck would any opponent post there? There is nothing to be gained from having a discussion with you and your ilk-> just fustration and a very empty feeling as there is no hope with materialists running science.


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