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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

And Reciprocating Bill Still Choking...

RB has his panties all in a knot because he is choking on information.

RB sez:
So it is not possible, using your technique for measuring specified information, to determine whether a given sequence of unknown function actually bears specified information.

Bill, as I and other IDists have said specification in biology refers to biological function. But what can be done is to measure the information carrying capacity.

He babbles on:
Rather, one must already know that a sequence contains specified information, and exactly how much, before applying your measure.

Umm you don't know what the sequence is nor how much. That is what you have to figure out by applying my measure.

Are you really that stupid?

But anyway let's compare to natural selection- you cannot tell anything about natural selection until after reproduction. Only then can we say which are the fittest. IOW we have to know who survived and who reproduced the most- all after the fact measurements.

So like a gauge that always reads "very hot" natural selection only works when applied to organisms after the fact.


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