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Monday, December 06, 2010

Information vs Information Carrying Capacity

Even though Reciprocating Bill choked on biological information, his choking highlights the major malfunction one encounters when talking about information with evolutionists.

One point being is that evolutionists confuse information carrying capacity with information. Billy Bob's example of
Now randomize the coding nucleotides so they do nothing and specify nothing - neither "viability" nor "minimal function" nor "specific effects."
means I would be measuring the information carrying capacity. Stephen C. Meyer goes over all this in "Signature in the Cell".

Shannon's theory and algorithmic information theory are about complexity, not content, ie information.
The word information in this theory is used in a special mathematical sense that must not be confused with its ordinary usage. In particular, information must not be confused with meaning.- Warren Weaver, one of Shannon's collaborators

Why is what Weaver said so difficult to understand?

Count them, and multiply by two, and arrive at precisely the same value.

An empty gallon of milk still takes up the same space as a full gallon Billy. I know, I used to have roommates how would put the freakin' empty gallon jug back in the refrigerator. But it is still an empty gallon- devoid of content, meaning empty. ;)

IOW Billy Bob your randomized functionless string of nucleotides is only a measurement of information carrying capacity. And the real sad part about your position is that blind, undirected chemical processes don't seem to be capable of cobbling those together.


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