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Friday, May 15, 2015

Salvador Cordova is a Moron

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse I see that Sal has a post on TSZ titled There is no positive case for ID or special creation. However reading it it becomes clear that Sal doesn't have a clue.

Earth to Sal, a positive case can be made from circumstantial evidence. A positive case can be and has been made for ID as ID has testable entailments.

Sal is so lost he thinks that because science works via inferences that no positive case can be made- Sal ALL science is by inference. He thinks the design inference isn't a positive case!

Sal if you have an inference one way or the other it is because there is a case for one or the other.

The positive case for ID is simple:

The criteria for inferring design in biology is, as Michael J. Behe, Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University, puts it in his book Darwin ‘ s Black Box“Our ability to be confident of the design of the cilium or intracellular transport rests on the same principles to be confident of the design of anything: the ordering of separate components to achieve an identifiable function that depends sharply on the components.”

He goes on to say: ” Might there be some as-yet-undiscovered natural process that would explain biochemical complexity? No one would be foolish enough to categorically deny the possibility. Nonetheless, we can say that if there is such a process, no one has a clue how it would work. Further, it would go against all human experience, like postulating that a natural process might explain computers.”

So fuck off, Sal, we can make a positive case for ID just as archaeology and forensic science make positive cases for intelligent design.


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