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Monday, May 11, 2015

Defaltegate- Can They Suspend Brady?

Will Tom Brady be suspended in the wake of the "Deflategate" investigation? Any good lawyer could skewer the NFL if they did- chain of custody of the evidence, for one. According to the report, if we assume the Colt's at their word that 13.0 PSI was their target, then both sets of balls lost air pressure. Most of the Patriots' footballs were within tolerance- below 12.5, but that is what they started at- but within the drop that the Colts' balls had. Only 3 footballs could be said to have been lower than normal and I bet one of those was the ball the Colts intercepted and tested. Testing leaks air.

So if they try to suspend Brady they will be in for a world of hurt. They have no evidence connecting him with anything but making sure the balls were OK- and that means set to 12.5 psi before the game.

The text messages that referred to deflating footballs is easily covered by the fact they said some balls were well OVER- inflated, up to 16 psi. So to get the balls down to 12.5 guess what has to happen?

All the NFL can say is Tom didn't fully cooperate. If they suspend him for that then they are just a bunch of losers.


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