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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cornelius Hunter Steps Up and Does the Right Thing

It's about time Dr Hunter. You can write all you want and you do NOT need the comments of evoTARDs to make your posts. They add nothing. They know nothing. And they just pollute all they touch.

There are plenty of blogs that do not allow comments so you are not the only one. When you want comments just post on Uncommon Descent and you will get them without any evoTARDgasms, which also means without any retaliations from your supporters. Perhaps a real discussion will break out.

If you ever do open up comments I again I will volunteer to be a moderator- I will never use another bad word on your blog because I will just moderate all evoTARD posts that do not conform to a civil discourse. IOW troy and thorton will not be posting very much as they do not know what being civil is and they are too stupid for any discourse.

But anyway, kudos for stepping up and doing the right thing.


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